Dr. Gregory & Angela Tukes

Pastor & Founder of True Church Ministries


Dr. Gregory Tukes is one of the most effective leaders in Christendom today!


Not only does he operate with an apostolic anointing, but also in the prophetic and is a gifted and profound teacher in the mysteries of the Word of God. The Apostle's delivery is explosive and very powerful, mounting out of a deep love and great passion for the things of God!


He strongly believes in, and champions, right relationship with God the Father as the key to salvation, abundant living, and victory in everyday life!  His teaching has not only enriched countless others to stand in true faith in God, but also to have relentless courage to forge ahead in the promises of God.  His congregation is proud to follow him and do recognize that, to have a God-sent Father in the faith, for such a time as this, is exceptional!

Pastor Tukes was convinced of the miracle-working power of God early in his conversion (through much prayer, fasting and study). In the summer of 1982, it was confirmed in the ministry of (then) Minister Tukes, that Jesus will use anyone who will believe and surrender their lives totally to Him. While on vacation at a family reunion in Tennille, Georgia, Minister Tukes witnessed a man lose consciousness. Amidst the ensuing chaos, and fruitless attempts to revive the man, a medical nurse took his vital signs and pronounced him dead. It was at that moment that the Holy Spirit challenged Minister Tukes, and asked him, “What are you going to do?” Having a zeal to obey God, Minister Tukes pressed through the crowd, laid his hands on the dead man and called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. To the crowd’s amazement, the dead man came back to life. This is one of many powerful, infallible proofs that have sanctioned God’s anointing upon the life of Dr. Gregory Tukes.  


As Pastor and Founder of True Church Ministries, God is using Dr. Tukes and his wife of 39 years, Dr. Angela Tukes, to exemplify true love and faith in God. 


Dr. Tukes was consecrated to the office of Apostle in 2009 under Apostle John Echkart.  Dr. Tukes received his doctorate degree in Pastoral Care in September 2010 from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.


In September 2011, Dr. Tukes began his service as a chaplain for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office of Chief Benny Napoleon.


In these turbulent times, Dr. Tukes and True Church Ministries are steadily advancing.  The ministry will celebrate its 27th Pastoral & Church Anniversary in June 2020.


Dr. Tukes, without question, is a great general in the army of God.